Monarch Butterflies

Danaus plexippus

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Every year monarch butterflies begin a journey north from their overwintering grounds in Mexican forests. The epic migration spans generations and the better part of a continent. In this first of two episodes, we’ll meet a pair of women united by their fascination with this iconic insect. Mexican geographer Isabel Ramírez and American biologist Karen Oberhauser are working to save monarch habitat on both ends of this remarkable insect’s 2,500 mile journey. Ari Daniel Shapiro reports.

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Image Credit: Ted Kropiewnicki, Tree of Life Project CC BY-NC-SA

Monarch Butteflies Google Earth Tour

View a Google Earth tour showcasing the eastern migration of monarch butterflies or Danaus plexippus, and the people that help them out along the way.

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This Google Earth Tour was produced by Eduardo Garcia Milagros, Ari Daniel Shapiro, Jay Allison and Atlantic Public Media.

También puede ver este vídeo con subtítulos en español aquí.

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